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Chronoligical Viewing Guides

These guides are to help you viewing the Movies or TV shows in the date order of the universes they are from.


Star Trek

Star Trek Enterprise - Stardate 2151-2156
Star Trek (The original series Pilot Episode - The Cage)- Stardate 2254
Star Trek Discovery - Stardate 2256
Star Trek (The original series) - Stardate 2266-2269
Star Trek (The animated series) - Stardate 2269-2270
Star Trek (The orignal movies) - Stardate 2273-2293
          Star Trek - The Motion Picture
          Star Trek ll - The Wrath Of Khan
          Star Trek lll - The Search For Spock
          Star Trek lV - The Voyage Home
          Star Trek V - The Final Frontier
          Star Trek Vl The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek (The Next Generation)(Deep Space 9)(Voyager) - Stardate 2364-2379
          Includes movies
          Star Trek Vll - Generations
          Star Trek Vlll - First Contact
          Star Trek lX - Insurrection
          Star Trek X - Nemesis

Star Trek Kelvin Timeline Reboot Movies - Stardate 2258-2263
          Star Trek Xl - Star Trek
          Star Trek Xll - Into Darkness
          Star Trek Xlll - Beyond








Color key
Gold = The Flash (1990 series) (Earth-90)
Green = Arrow (Earth-1)
Red = The Flash (2014 series) (Earth-1 primarily, but this show spans the whole multiverse at times)
Purple = Constantine (Earth-1)
Blue = Supergirl (Earth-38)
Orange = Legends of Tomorrow (Earth-1)
Black = Vixen (Earth-1)
Brown = Freedom Fighters: The Ray (Earth-X)
Pink = promotional short series


Year Zero: The Flash (1990)
The Flash 1.01 Pilot
The Flash 1.02 Out of Control
The Flash 1.03 Watching the Detectives
The Flash 1.04 Honor Among Thieves
The Flash 1.05 Double Vision
The Flash 1.06 Sins of the Father
The Flash 1.07 Child's Play
The Flash 1.08 Shroud of Death
The Flash 1.09 Ghost in the Machine
The Flash 1.10 Sight Unseen
The Flash 1.11 Beat the Clock
The Flash 1.12 The Trickster
The Flash 1.13 Tina, Is That You?
The Flash 1.14 Be My Baby
The Flash 1.15 Fast Forward
The Flash 1.16 Deadly Nightshade
The Flash 1.17 Captain Cold
The Flash 1.18 Twin Streaks
The Flash 1.19 Done With Mirrors
The Flash 1.20 Good Night, Central City
The Flash 1.21 Alpha
The Flash 1.22 The Trial of the Trickster

Year One: Arrow Season 1
Arrow 1.01 Pilot
Arrow 1.02 Honor Thy Father
Arrow 1.03 Lone Gunman
Arrow 1.04 An Innocent Man
Arrow 1.05 Damaged
Arrow 1.06 Legacies
Arrow 1.07 Muse of Fire
Arrow 1.08 Vendetta
Arrow 1.09 Year's End
Arrow 1.10 Burned
Arrow 1.11 Trust But Verify
Arrow 1.12 Vertigo
Arrow 1.13 Betrayal
Arrow 1.14 The Odyssey
Arrow 1.15 Dodger
Arrow 1.16 Dead to Rights
Arrow 1.17 The Huntress Returns
Arrow 1.18 Salvation
Arrow 1.19 Unfinished Business
Arrow 1.20 Home Invasion
Arrow 1.21 The Undertaking
Arrow 1.22 Darkness on the Edge of Town
Arrow 1.23 Sacrifice

Year Two: Arrow Season 2 and Blood Rush webseries

Arrow 2.01 City of Heroes
Arrow 2.02 Identity
Arrow 2.03 Broken Dolls
Arrow 2.04 Crucible
Arrow 2.05 League of Assasins

Blood Rush 1.01 Mr. Queen is Unavailable
Blood Rush 1.02 Roy to the Rescue
Blood Rush 1.03 Down the Rabbit Hole
Blood Rush 1.04 The Sample
Blood Rush 1.05 Closing In
Blood Rush 1.06 Heroic Deeds

Arrow 2.06 Keep Your Enemies Closer
Arrow 2.07 State v. Queen
Arrow 2.08 The Scientist
Arrow 2.09 Three Ghosts
Arrow 2.10 Blast Radius
Arrow 2.11 Blind spot
Arrow 2.12 Tremors
Arrow 2.13 Heir to the Demon
Arrow 2.14 Time of Death
Arrow 2.15 The Promise
Arrow 2.16 Suicide Squad
Arrow 2.17 Birds of Prey
Arrow 2.18 Deathstroke
Arrow 2.19 The Man Under the Hood
Arrow 2.20 Seeing Red
Arrow 2.21 City of Blood
Arrow 2.22 Streets of Fire
Arrow 2.23 Unthinkable

Year Three: Arrow Season 3, The Flash Season 1, Vixen Season 1, and Constantine

Arrow 3.01 The Calm
Arrow 3.02 Sara

The Flash 1.01 Pilot
The Flash 1.02 Fastest Man Alive
The Flash 1.03 Things You Can’t Outrun

Arrow 3.03 Corto Maltese
Constantine 1.01 Non Est Asylum
The Flash 1.04 Going Rogue
Arrow 3.04 The Magician
Arrow 3.05 The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak

The Flash 1.05 Plastique
Constantine 1.02 Rage of Caliban (NOTE: This aired 6th on NBC)
Arrow 3.06 Guilty
The Flash 1.06 The Flash Is Born
Arrow 3.07 Draw Back Your Bow
The Flash 1.07 Power Outage
The Flash 1.08 Flash vs. Arrow

Arrow 3.08 The Brave and the Bold
Constantine 1.03 The Darkness Beneath (NOTE: this aired 2nd on NBC)
The Flash 1.09 The Man in the Yellow Suit
Arrow 3.09 The Climb
Constantine 1.04 The Devil’s Vinyl (NOTE: this aired 3rd on NBC)
The Flash 1.10 Revenge of the Rogues
Arrow 3.10 Left Behind
The Flash 1.11 The Sound and the Fury
Constantine 1.05 A Feast of Friends (NOTE: this aired 4th on NBC)
Arrow 3.11 Midnight City
The Flash 1.12 Crazy for You
Arrow 3.12 Uprising
Constantine 1.06 Danse Vaudou (NOTE: this aired 5th on NBC)
The Flash 1.13 The Nuclear Man
The Flash 1.14 Fallout

Constantine 1.07 Blessed are the Damned
Arrow 3.13 Canaries
Arrow 3.14 The Return

Vixen 1.01
Vixen 1.02
Vixen 1.03
Vixen 1.04
Vixen 1.05
Vixen 1.06
Vixen: the Movie : Extra Content

The Flash 1.15 Out of Time
The Flash 1.16 Rogue Time
The Flash 1.17 Tricksters

Arrow 3.15 Nanda Parbat
Arrow 3.16 The Offer

Constantine 1.08 The Saint of Last Resorts: Part One
Constantine 1.09 The Saint of Last Resorts: Part Two

Arrow 3.17 Suicidal Tendencies
The Flash 1.18 All Star Team Up
The Flash 1.19 Who Is Harrison Wells?

Arrow 3.18 Public Enemy
Arrow 3.19 Broken Arrow
Arrow 3.20 The Fallen

Constantine 1.10 Quid Pro Quo
Constantine 1.11 A Whole World Out There

The Flash 1.20 The Trap
The Flash 1.21 Grodd Lives

Constantine 1.12 Angels of Ministers and Grace
Arrow 3.21 Al Sah-him
Arrow 3.22 This Is Your Sword

The Flash 1.22 Rogue Air
Constantine 1.13 Waiting for the Man
Arrow 3.23 My Name Is Oliver Queen
The Flash 1.23 Fast Enough

Year Four: Arrow Season 4, The Flash Season 2, Vixen Season 2, Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, Supergirl Season 1, and Chronicles of Cisco web series

Arrow 4.01 Green Arrow
The Flash 2.01 The Man Who Saved Central City
The Flash 2.02 Flash of Two Worlds

Arrow 4.02 The Candidate
The Flash 2.03 Family of Rogues
Arrow 4.03 Restoration
Arrow 4.04 Beyond Redemption

Supergirl 1.01 Pilot
Supergirl 1.02 Stronger Together

The Flash 2.04 The Fury of Firestorm
The Flash 2.05 The Darkness and the Light

Arrow 4.05 Haunted
Arrow 4.06 Lost Souls

Supergirl 1.03 Fight or Flight
The Flash 2.06 Enter Zoom
Arrow 4.07 Brotherhood
Supergirl 1.04 How Does She Do it? (NOTE: this episode aired 5th on CBS)
Supergirl 1.05 Livewire (NOTE: this episode aired 4th on CBS)
Supergirl 1.06 Red Faced
The Flash 2.07 Gorilla Warfare
The Flash 2.08 Legends of Today

Arrow 4.08 Legends of Yesterday
Vixen 2.01
Vixen 2.02
Vixen 2.03
Vixen 2.04
Vixen 2.05
Vixen 2.06

Arrow 4.09 Dark Waters
Arrow 4.10 Blood Debts

The Flash 2.09 Running to Stand Still
The Flash 2.10 Potential Energy

Legends of Tomorrow 1.01 Pilot, Part 1
Legends of Tomorrow 1.02 Pilot, Part 2
Legends of Tomorrow 1.03 Blood Ties

The Flash 2.11 The Reverse-Flash Returns
Arrow 4.11 A.W.O.L
Supergirl 1.07 Human For A Day
The Flash 2.12 Fast Lane
Arrow 4.12 Unchained
Arrow 4.13 Sins of the Father

Supergirl 1.08 Hostile Takeover
The Flash 2.13 Welcome to Earth-2
The Flash 2.14 Escape from Earth-2
The Flash 2.15 King Shark

Legends of Tomorrow 1.04 White Knights
Legends of Tomorrow 1.05 Fail-Safe
Legends of Tomorrow 1.06 Star City 2046

Arrow 4.14 Code of Silence
Arrow 4.15 Taken

Supergirl 1.09 Blood Bonds
Legends of Tomorrow 1.07 Marooned
Legends of Tomorrow 1.08 Night of the Hawk
Legends of Tomorrow 1.09 Left Behind

The Flash 2.16 Trajectory
Arrow 4.16 Broken Hearts
Supergirl 1.10 Childish things
Supergirl 1.11 Strange Visitor From Another Planet
Supergirl 1.12 Bizarro
Supergirl 1.13 For the Girl Who Has Everything

The Flash 2.17 Flash Back
Supergirl 1.14 Truth, Justice, and the American Way
Supergirl 1.15 Solitude

Arrow 4.17 Beacon of Hope
Arrow 4.18 Eleven-Fifty-Nine
Arrow 4.19 Canary Cry

Legends of Tomorrow 1.10 Progeny
The Chronicles of Cisco 1.01
The Chronicles of Cisco 1.02
The Chronicles of Cisco 1.03
The Chronicles of Cisco 1.04

Supergirl 1.16 Falling 
Supergirl 1.17 Manhunter
Supergirl 1.18 Worlds Finest

The Flash 2.18 Versus Zoom
Supergirl 1.19 Myriad
Supergirl 1.20 Better Angels

Legends of Tomorrow 1.11 The Magnificent Eight
Legends of Tomorrow 1.12 Last Refuge

The Flash 2.19 Back to Normal
Legends of Tomorrow 1.13 Leviathan
Legends of Tomorrow 1.14 River of Time
Legends of Tomorrow 1.15 Destiny

Arrow 4.20 Genesis
Arrow 4.21 Monument Point
Arrow 4.22 Lost in the Flood

Legends of Tomorrow 1.16 Legendary
Arrow 4.23 Schism
The Flash 2.20 Rupture
The Flash 2.21 Runaway Dinosaur
The Flash 2.22 Invincible
The Flash 2.23 The Race of His Life

Year Five: Arrow Season 5, The Flash Season 3, Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, and Supergirl Season 2
Supergirl 2.01 The Adventures of Supergirl
Supergirl 2.02 The Last Children of Krypton
Supergirl 2.03 Welcome to Earth
Supergirl 2.04 Survivors
Supergirl 2.05 Crossfire
Supergirl 2.06 Changing

The Flash 3.01 Flashpoint
The Flash 3.02 Paradox
The Flash 3.03 Magenta
The Flash 3.04 The New Rogues
The Flash 3.05 Monster
The Flash 3.06 Shade
The Flash 3.07 Killer Frost

Supergirl 2.07 The Darkest Place
Arrow 5.01 Legacy
Arrow 5.02 The Recruits

Legends of Tomorrow 2.01 Out of Time
Legends of Tomorrow 2.02 The Justice Society of America
Legends of Tomorrow 2.03 Shogun

Arrow 5.03 A Matter of Trust
Arrow 5.04 Penance
Arrow 5.05 Human Target

Legends of Tomorrow 2.04 Abominations
Arrow 5.06 So it Begins
Legends of Tomorrow 2.05 Compromised
Arrow 5.07 Vigilante
Legends of Tomorrow 2.06 Outlaw Country
Supergirl 2.08 Medusa
The Flash 3.08 Invasion!
Arrow 5.08 Invasion!
Legends of Tomorrow 2.07 Invasion!
The Flash 3.09 The Present
Arrow 5.09 What We Leave Behind
Arrow 5.10 Who Are You?

Legends of Tomorrow 2.08 The Chicago Way
Legends of Tomorrow 2.09 Raiders of the Lost Art
Legends of Tomorrow 2.10 The Legion of Doom
Legends of Tomorrow 2.11 Turncoat

Supergirl 2.09 Supergirl Lives
The Flash 3.10 Borrowing Problems From the Future
Supergirl 2.10 We Can Be Heroes
The Flash 3.11 Dead or Alive
Arrow 5.11 Second Chances
Supergirl 2.11 The Martian Chronicles
The Flash 3.12 Untouchable
Arrow 5.12 Bratva
Supergirl 2.12 Luthors
Supergirl 2.13 Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk
Supergirl 2.14 Homecoming

Arrow 5.13 Spectre of the Gun
The Flash 3.13 Attack on Gorilla City
The Flash 3.14 Attack on Central City

Legends of Tomorrow 2.12 Camelot/3000
Legends of Tomorrow 2.13 Land of the Lost

Arrow 5.14 The Sin-Eater
Arrow 5.15 Fighting Fire With Fire

Supergirl 2.15 Exodus
The Flash 3.15 The Wrath of Savitar
The Flash 3.16 Into the Speed Force

Legends of Tomorrow 2.14 Moonshot
Arrow 5.16 Checkmate
Supergirl 2.16 Star-Crossed
The Flash 3.17 Duet
Legends of Tomorrow 2.15 Fellowship of the Spear
Arrow 5.17 Kapiushon
Arrow 5.18 Disbanded

Supergirl 2.17 Distant Sun
The Flash 3.18 Abra Kadabra
The Flash 3.19 The Once and Future Flash
The Flash 3.20 I Know Who You Are
The Flash 3.21 Cause and Effect
The Flash 3.22 Infantino Street
The Flash 3.23 Finish Line

Arrow 5.19 Dangerous Liaisons
Arrow 5.20 Underneath

Legends of Tomorrow 2.16 Doomworld
Legends of Tomorrow 2.17 Aruba

Supergirl 2.18 Ace Reporter
Supergirl 2.19 Alex
Supergirl 2.20 City of Lost Children
Supergirl 2.21 Resist
Supergirl 2.22 Nevertheless, She Persisted

Arrow 5.21 Honor Thy Fathers
Arrow 5.22 Missing
Arrow 5.23 Lian Yu

Year Six: Arrow Season 6, The Flash Season 4, Supergirl Season 3, Legends of Tomorrow Season 3, Freedom Fighters: the Ray Seasons 1 and 2
Legends of Tomorrow 3.01 Aruba-Con
Arrow 6.01 Fallout
Arrow 6.02 Tribute
Arrow 6.03 Next of Kin

Supergirl 3.01 Girl of Steel
The Flash 4.01 The Flash Reborn
The Flash 4.02 Mixed Signals

Supergirl 3.02 Triggers
Legends of Tomorrow 3.02 Freakshow
Supergirl 3.03 Far From the Tree
The Flash 4.03 Luck Be a Lady
Legends of Tomorrow 3.03 Zari
Arrow 6.04 Reversal
Supergirl 3.04 The Faithful
The Flash 4.04 Elongated Journey into the Night
Legends of Tomorrow 3.04 Phone Home
Legends of Tomorrow 3.05 Return of the Mack

Supergirl 3.05 Damage
Supergirl 3.06 Midvale

The Flash 4.05 Girls Night Out
Arrow 6.05 Deathstroke Returns
Arrow 6.06 Promises Kept

The Flash 4.06 When Harry Met Harry
The Flash Stretched Scene 4.06 When Harry Met Harry
The Flash 4.07 Therefore I Am
The Flash Stretched Scene 4.07 Therefore I am
Legends of Tomorrow 3.06 Helen Hunt
Supergirl 3.07 Wake Up
Legends of Tomorrow 3.07 Welcome to the Jungle
Arrow 6.07 Thanksgiving
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.01
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.02
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.03
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.04
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.05
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.06
Freedom Fighters: the Ray movie : extra content
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2.01
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2.02
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2.03
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2.04
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2.05
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2.06

Supergirl 3.08 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1
Arrow 6.08 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2
The Flash 4.08 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3
Legends of Tomorrow 3.08 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4
Arrow 6.09 Irreconcilable Differences
Supergirl 3.09 Reign
The Flash 4.09 Don't Run
The Flash Stretched Scene 4.09 Don't Run
Legends of Tomorrow 3.09 Beebo the God of War
Legends of Tomorrow 3.10 Daddy Darhkest

Supergirl 3.10 Legion of the Super Heroes
Supergirl 3.11 Fort Rozz

The Flash 4.10 The Trial of the Flash
Arrow 6.10 Divided
Legends of Tomorrow 3.11 Here I Go Again
The Flash 4.11 The Elongated Knight Rises
Arrow 6.11 We Fall
Legends of Tomorrow 3.12 The Curse of the Earth Totem
Legends of Tomorrow 3.13 No Country for Old Dads

Supergirl 3.12 For Good
Supergirl 3.13 Both Sides Now

The Flash 4.12 Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash
Arrow 6.12 All For Nothing
The Flash 4.13 True Colors
Arrow 6.13 The Devil's Greatest Trick
Supergirl 3.14 Schott Through The Heart
Supergirl 3.15 In Search of Lost Time
Supergirl 3.16 Of Two Minds
Supergirl 3.17 Trinity
Supergirl 3.18 Shelter From the Storm
Supergirl 3.19 The Fanatical
Supergirl 3.20 Dark Side of the Moon
Supergirl 3.21 Not Kansas
Supergirl 3.22 Make it Reign
Supergirl 3.23 Battles Lost and Won

Legends of Tomorrow 3.14 Amazing Grace
Legends of Tomorrow 3.15 Necromancing the Stone
Legends of Tomorrow 3.16 I, Ava
Legends of Tomorrow 3.17 Guest Starring John Noble
Legends of Tomorrow 3.18 The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly

The Flash 4.14 Subject 9
Arrow 6.14: Collision Course
Arrow 6.15 Doppelganger 

The Flash 4.15 Enter Flashtime
The Flash 4.16 Run, Iris, Run

Arrow 6.16 The Thanatos Guild
Arrow 6.17 Brothers in Arms
Arrow 6.18 Fundamentals

The Flash 4.17 Null and Annoyed
The Flash 4.18 Lose Yourself
The Flash 4.19 Fury Rogue

Arrow 6.19 The Dragon 
Arrow 6.20 Shifting Allegiances

The Flash 4.20 Therefore She Is
Arrow 6.21 Docket No. 11-19-41-73
The Flash 4.21 Harry and the Harrisons
Arrow 6.22 The Ties That Bind
Arrow 6.23 Life Sentence

The Flash 4.22 Think Fast
The Flash 4.23 We Are the Flash

Year Seven: Arrow Season 7, The Flash Season 5, Supergirl Season 4, Legends of Tomorrow Season 4
The Flash 5.01 Nora
The Flash 5.02 Blocked
The Flash 5.03 The Death of Vibe

Supergirl 4.01 American Alien
The Flash 5.04 News Flash
Supergirl 4.02 Fallout
Supergirl 4.03 Man of Steel

The Flash 5.05 All Doll'd Up
Supergirl 4.04 Ahimsa
Supergirl 4.05 Parasite Lost

The Flash 5.06 The Icicle Cometh
Legends of Tomorrow 4.01 The Virgin Gary
Legends of Tomorrow 4.02 Witch Hunt

Arrow 7.01 Inmate 4587
Arrow 7.02 The Longbow Hunters
Arrow 7.03 Crossing Lines

Legends of Tomorrow 4.03 Dancing Queen
Arrow 7.04 Level Two
Legends of Tomorrow 4.04 Wet Hot American Bummer
The Flash 5.07 O Come, All Ye Thankful
Supergirl 4.06 Call to Action
Legends of Tomorrow 4.05 Tagumo Attacks!
Supergirl 4.07 Rather the Fallen Angel
Legends of Tomorrow 4.06 Tender is the Nate
Arrow 7.05 The Demon
Arrow 7.06 Due Process
Arrow 7.07 The Slabside Redemption

The Flash 5.08 What's Past is Prologue
Supergirl 4.08 Bunker Hill
Arrow 7.08 Unmasked
The Flash 5.09 Elseworlds Part 1
Arrow 7.09 Elseworlds Part 2
Supergirl 4.09 Elseworlds Part 3
Legends of Tomorrow 4.07 Hell No, Dolly!
Legends of Tomorrow 4.08 Legends of To-Meow-Meow
Legends of Tomorrow 4.09 Lucha de Apuestas
Legends of Tomorrow 4.10 The Getaway

The Flash 5.10 The Flash & the Furious
Legends of Tomorrow 4.11 Seance and Sensibility[/color
Supergirl 4.10 Suspicious Minds 
Legends of Tomorrow 4.12 The Eggplant, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Arrow 7.10 My Name Is Emiko Queen 
Legends of Tomorrow 4.13 Egg MacGuffin
Legends of Tomorrow 4.14 Nip/Stuck
Legends of Tomorrow 4.15 Terms of Service
Legends of Tomorrow 4.16 Hey, World!
The Flash 5.11 Seeing Red
Supergirl 4.11 Blood Memory 
Arrow 7.11 Past Sins
The Flash 5.12 Memorabilia
]Arrow 7.12 Emerald Archer
Arrow 7.13 Star City Slayer 
The Flash 5.13 Goldfaced
The Flash 5.14 Cause and XS
Supergirl 4.12 Menagerie
Supergirl 4.13 What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way? 

Arrow 7.14 Brothers & Sisters 
The Flash 5.15 King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd
Supergirl 4.14 Stand and Deliver
Supergirl 4.15 O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Supergirl 4.16 The House of L
Supergirl 4.17 All About Eve
Supergirl 4.18 Crime and Punishment

Arrow 7.15 Training Day
Arrow 7.16 Star City 2040

Supergirl 4.19 American Dreamer
Supergirl 4.20 Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?
Supergirl 4.21 Red Dawn
Supergirl 4.22 The Quest for Peace

The Flash 5.16 Failure is an Orphan
The Flash 5.17 Time Bomb
The Flash 5.18 Godspeed
The Flash 5.19 Snow Pack

Arrow 7.17 Inheritance
The Flash 5.20 Gone Rogue
The Flash 5.21 The Girl With the Red Lightning
The Flash 5.22 Legacy

Arrow 7.18 Lost Canary
Arrow 7.19 Spartan
Arrow 7.20 Confessions
Arrow 7.21 Living Proof
Arrow 7.22 You Have Saved This City


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